What do we do?

We are a completely mobile Screen service in Santa Maria. We repair and replace window screens and screen doors. We bring our custom fully equipped trailer to you home and do your work at your house. No shop means lower over head and better prices!

How do you compare to others with pricing?

We do not advertise in the phone books and therefore we don’t spend $500- $1000 a month on advertising. We pass those savings on to you. We shop our competition and keep our prices at least 10% under the competition.

How soon can you come to my house in Santa Maria?

Hopefully within a day or two! Please call for an appointment we hope to accommodate you and your need promptly!

How does the warranty work in Santa Maria?

We warranty our deluxe sliding screen door for life! Even against bending. Thats right IF you purchase a deluxe 2 1/2 inch sliding screen door from us and accidentally bend it, we will repair or replace it at no charge! Warranty does not cover the mesh.

Santa Maria Window Screen warranty. How do we warranty something so easily bent?

Well, we do if you buy a set of screens from us and accidentally bend one, we will repair or replace it at no charge to you. We can do this because a properly made screen will be easily removed and not easily bent. But should you bend one we will take care of it. Some restrictions apply.

What is Pet Screen?

It is a vinyl coated polyester screen that is 7 times stronger than normal insect screening.