Pet Screen Doors

Pet Screen Santa Maria
Screen Mesh Protection from Dogs & Cats
Santa Maria Pet Screen Protection from Pet Paws and Claws

The Screen Guy knows nothing ruins a screen door or window screen more quickly than cats and dogs pawing and standing with their feet (paws) on your screens. We recommend using Phifer Pet Screen® mesh to meet the needs of your home to safeguard your screens from tears and punctures caused by cats and dogs. Santa Maria The Screen Guy carries Phifer Pet Screen® mesh in our mobile trailer because it is the best pet resistant screen mesh in the USA. Phifer Pet Screen® mesh attributes include:

• Resists damage by cat claws and dogs paws
• It is made of strong vinyl coated polyester
• It is a heavy duty insect screening mesh
• It is seven (7) times stronger than traditional insect screen mesh
• It offers good outward visibility